Wk 5-Visiting Artist-Bobi Bosson

Artist: Bobi Bosson
Media: Art of all kinds
Website: https://bobi-lee.com/work
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/barbieleeboss/

Bobi Bosson, an emotionally driven artist has immersed herself in art and design. She joined art school to become an animator, but she started loving art so much that she decided to change her career to a degree in art and design. She claims there are no media that she wouldn’t try or to get hand dirty whether it is a clay, actual garbage, ink form wild squeegee. However, she is also passionate about the cleaner side of art. Her artworks express or tend to speak to feminists, socialists, entomologists, environmentalists, and more.

Bobi is a multitalented artist with her hands-on sculpture, paintings, screenprint, ceramics, illustration, and graphic design. Most of her work is deep and illustrates her feeling and her voice. She tends to stick with colors, bright lifelike oil on canvas that catch the eyes of her audiences. The texture and color are even and perfectly rhythmed which also feels unnatural but welcoming. She also did an art piece titled Bebe Gunn of drag queens which she is a big fan of and gets inspired. Her work on “Come at Me Bro ” is a sculpture that is a ceramic torso of the female body. The size of the artwork almost resembles a life-size torso.

Most of her paintings are inspired by Monet, manet, and Degas. She also lets her emotions control her artwork. Performance painting is one of her interests while painting. She loves to listen to music while painting which is pretty common among artists. Her sculpture and screen printing are also inspired by the emotional response to current events. She claims that screen printing has played a huge role in making her a better designer. She also has made a tribute through her art dor the massive earthquake in Puebla, Mexico, A single-use plastic garbage pile turned into a wave. Her artworks are all about her inspiration and interest. She simply wants to admire and celebrate the woman artists that she admires and dedicates her work to them.

I loved her tribute toward the victim of Mexico’s earthquake and also the project she did where she used a pile of plastic garbage turned into waves. It affects me and kind of makes me happy that she is trying to change the world through her work. I had a friend who had a plastic recycle factory where they used to collect front the bays and rivers and there was no ending to it. I was so surprised by the rate of pollution we humans are doing-especially with plastics. It is not only affecting us but also all the living beings that are sharing lives with us on this planet. I know many campaigns are going on about this matter but until and unless we as a human being don’t be aware of its effect, Is it ever going to stop?



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